Contra- Counter-
Contra- Counter- means against, opposite

contraband (n) - anything that is against the law to buy or sell

contradict (v) - to express the opposite

contrarian (n) - a person who thinks differently from other people; a person who does the opposite of what is expected

contrary (adj) - completely different; opposite in nature, opinion, or action

contrast (v) - to look at different things to see how they are opposites or not related

counterbalance (n) - a weight used to balance an opposite weight

counterclockwise (adv) - in the direction that is opposite of the direction the hands on the clock move

counterexample (n) - an example used to support a claim or statement that is the opposite of another claim or statement

counterfeit (adj) - being the opposite of real; fake or artificial

counterintuitive (adj) - goes against your gut feeling or common sense