School and Family By-laws






Article I. - Name


            Section I.

                        The name of the organization shall be the Riverside Elementary  School and Family Association.



Article II. - Purpose


            Section I.


                        The purpose of this Association shall be to encourage combined    efforts of home and school in fostering the well-being of students and their families by: (1) Furthering educational and recreational facilities, (2) cooperating with the school board, superintendent, principals and teachers,  (3) Cooperating with other community organizations sharing our purpose of benefiting youth, and (4) Bringing attention of proper authorities, community needs affecting our children.


            Section II.


                        Each member will be charged a yearly monetary fee.


            Section III.


                        Only members of the Association shall be eligible to participate in the  business meetings, make motions and vote or serve in any of its elective or appointive positions.



Article III.  - Meetings


            Section I.


                        The General Membership meeting shall be held ten times yearly. An    executive board meeting will be held prior to the General Membership meeting. 
The executive board will also meet in August.


            Section II.


                        Special meeting shall be called by the President or the majority vote of the Executive Committee.  Notice of special meeting for the General Membership shall be given at least one week prior to the date of meeting and it shall be indicated for what purpose the meeting is being called.


            Section III.


                        Committee Meetings: Any Chairperson may call this meeting together.


            Section IV.


                        The newly elected officers shall be installed at the final General       Membership meeting of the year in June. A transitional meeting shall be called at the discretion of the executive board no later than June 30.


            Section V.


                        A quorum in not necessary. The majority vote rules at any General Membership   meeting.  The order of business shall be; Pledge of Allegiance, minutes of previous meeting, treasurer's report, reading of correspondence, report of committees (1. executive, 2. standing, and 3. Special), unfinished old business, new business, announcements, adjournment, presentation of program.


Article IV: - Officers


            Section I.


                        The officers of the Association shall consist of the following: President,Vice President, Correspondence Secretary, Recording Secretary and          Treasurer.



            Section II.


                        Only members in good standing of the Association shall be eligible to serve in any elective or appointive position.  Good standing shall be defined as dues is paid for current year, volunteer for three Association activities and attend 1/2 of the regular General Membership meetings.


            Section III. - Officers Duties


                        All officers' duties shall comply with Robert's Rules of Order plus as                                 follows:


                        A.  President: IT shall be the duty of the President to preside at all  meeting, shall appoint the chairpersons of all committees (except nominating committee) with approval of the Executive Board, shall enforce rigid observation of the By-Laws, to be an official representative of the Association, shall be an ex- officio member of all committees (except the nominating committee), shall counter sign all  checks.


                        B.  Vice President:  It shall be the duty of the Vice President to preside in the absence of the President and to assist at the request of the President. In addition, Vice President shall be Program Chairperson and work in conjunction with the treasurer.  In case of death, resignation or inability of the President to serve, the Vice President will serve the unexpired term of President.


                        C.  Recording Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to record and read the minutes of all meetings.  The Recording Secretary     shall have a copy of the approved By-Laws and a membership list available at every meeting.


                        D.  Correspondence Secretary: It shall be the duty of correspondence  Secretary to give notice of all Executive Board and General Membership meetings and to carry on all correspondence of the Association.


                        E.  Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Treasure to co-sign all checks, and to keep accurate record of financial affairs of the Association, pay all bills and have books audited at the end of each fiscal year.


            Section IV.

                        In the event the President's temporary absence, the officers shall succeed to the chair in the above order.


            Section V.


                        There shall be a nomination committee consisting of five members: the Principal (Chairperson), the Vice Principal, Past President of the Association and two teachers appointed by the Chairperson.  The nomination committee shall select one nominee for each office to be filled and reported at the May meeting. An opportunity shall be given for nominations from the floor.  All nominees must have consented to the submission of their names.  Voting will be by a ballot (of all members in good standing), except if there is one than one nominee for each office.  It shall be proper by unanimous vote, for the Secretary to cast the ballot for the Association.


            Section VI.


                        Officers shall be installed by the Principal or his/her delegated             representative. They will assume their duties at the commencement of the June meeting. (see Article III, Section IV)


            Section VII


                        Any officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of members present and voting at any regular or special meeting, if requested by written petition of 10% of the enrolled membership or on the request of a majority of the members of the Executive committee.  Notification of such intended action must be stared in the meeting announcement.


            Section VIII.


                        Permanent vacancy of office should be filled at the next regular meeting by the procedure outlined in Article IV, Section V.  Officers and /or                Executive Committee positions may be added, deleted or combined at the discretion of the President and the Executive board.


            Section IX.


                        Terms of office for the Executive board shall be as follows- One-year term for the Vice President, Correspondence Secretary and Recording Secretary, two-year terms for the President and Treasurer.  There is no limit on consecutive terms an officer may hold.


            Section X.


                        To be nominated for the office of President, nominee must be a current member of the Executive Board.


Article V. - Committees


            Section I.

                        There shall be three general committees: (1) Executive Board (Officers and Standing Committee Chairperson), (2) Nominating and (3) Special.       The President is an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominating committee.


            Section II.


                        The Executive Committee shall consist of the following: (A) the officers  of the Association, (B) the immediate past President, (C) The Principal          and (D) the chairperson of each the standing committees.  The Executive                  Committee is authorized to transact business between the Association meetings and present recommendations to the membership for its consideration.


            Section III.


                        Standing Committees are appointed by the President and will serve one year, unless sooner discharged.  Work of each standing committees subject to the approval of the majority of the Executive Board.  The Standing Committees will be:


                                    1. Hospitality- responsible for the refreshments at Association                                               meetings and other special events.


                                    2. Membership - responsible for the enlistment of the members                                            and the maintenance of membership records.


                                    3. Publicity - responsible for notifying newspapers of regular                                            meetings and special functions.  Should  maintain contact                                             with other  schools.


                                    4. Room Representative - will be chosen from the general list  
                                            of approved room parents forwarded by the teachers.   
                                            Will be responsible for contacting individual room parents
                                             to inform them of their duties.        


                                    5. Ways and Means - In charge of Fundraising projects.


                                    6. Talent Show - Coordinates all aspects of producing the
                                      Spring Talent Show.


                                    7. Welcome Wagon- Responsible for sending Get Well wishes,                                      condolences, etc. as needed, to persons associated with the                                      school community.


            Section V.


                        Special Committees will be appointed by the President at whatever                                time and for whatever purpose they may be needed.

Article VI. -Annual Review


            Section I.


                        No later that June 15, each outgoing officer and Standing Committee   chairperson will submit a report and analysis of the year's activities,  including a critical self-evaluation and suggestions for the following year.  The retiring President will integrate these reports and prepare a written analysis of the year to be presented with the assembled committee reports to the incoming President no later than June 30.