Current Event

Every other Friday, you will find an article and write a summary for Current Events. Your article may come from the internet, a magazine, or the newspaper.  After reading the article, you will write a one paragraph summary and your opinion of the article.  You will turn in your summary and article as assigned in your agenda book.


Your summary should be written using the following guidelines:

v     Opening Sentence- include the name of the article and a brief description


v     Summary- 4sentences summarizing the important ideas from the article.  This needs to be in your own words- avoid using direct quotes from the article.


v     Opinion- one sentence opinion of the article or topic


The current events assignment will be worth a total of 25points.



4 points

Opening sentence

12 points   


4 points    

Your opinion

5 points    

Article attached







Points will also be deducted for the following:

-4 pts        Summary includes a direct quote from the article

-2 pts        Opinion does not relate to the article

-2 pts        Opening does not include the article title or brief description