Co-, Com-
Co-, Com- means together, with

coexist (v) - to live together without any problems; to be together in the same time or space

cohesive (adj) - sticking together

coincidence (n) - a sequence of events happening together that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged

combine (v) - to put two things together

commiserate (v) - to feel sorry for someone, something, or a situation; to feel pity; to get together with someone to feel sadness

committee (n) - a group of people who meet together to discuss a topic

communication (n) - the act of talking with someone and discussing something together

community (n) - a place where people live together

compare (v) - to put things together to see how they are the same

compatible (adj) - able to live together and get along; things that can go together without problems