NJ State Report Info

NJ Department of Education School Report Card (2008-09)

District Narrative

The School Report Cards issued by the State of New Jersey provide detailed statistics about schools and school districts. Information is provided about our students, our school program and structure, and district expenditures. Further data is provided about our staff and the scores of our students on state-mandated tests. These results are used to assess the success of our efforts, diagnose problem areas, and to compare our students’ performance to those in other districts. Riverside is classified by the State of New Jersey as a District Factor Group B school district, and our test results are best understood in comparison to other such schools.

But in truth, no statistical portrait can capture the true character or value of our efforts to educate the children of Riverside and to help to prepare them for their futures. A dedicated and caring staff continues to help make the school experience, at all grade levels, a positive and enriching one. A school and community culture based on mutual respect and shared effort continues to make Riverside a special place for children to learn and grow. At the same time, as our older students enter a rapidly changing world, they benefit from our efforts to constantly refine and improve the curriculum and school program.

The individual Report Cards for Riverside Elementary, Middle and High Schools break down the statistical portrait into individual snapshots. There is information there about our entire program, Pre-K through 12th grade. This information does help to provide a basic but superficial understanding of the unique context of each school. Missing but invaluable are the stories of success written every day in our classrooms, our student activities, and the further education and success of our graduates. If you would like further information about the Riverside Public Schools, feel free to contact the individual Principals or me at the Superintendent’s Office.