Welcome to Preschool!

LANGUAGE ARTS LITERACY – Children experience a language-rich environment that promotes positive attitudes regarding reading, listening, speaking, viewing, composing, and researching.  The program emphasizes the sharing of children’s literature and allows for all developmental levels of reading and writing behaviors.  The environment also fosters the investigation of language patterns, letters, words, and sounds.


MATHEMATICS – Children develop basic mathematical skills and are encouraged to develop a curiosity and confidence working with mathematical concepts.


SCIENCE – Through a multi-sensory approach, children develop an interest about the physical world around them.  Exploration, observation, and classification of the physical world will be an integral part of the science program.


MUSIC – Children are introduced to the basic elements of music.  Concepts of loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low, same/difference, and the “heartbeat” of music are explored through singing, listening, movement, and playing instruments.  Varied styles of music are incorporated into the curriculum to enhance a positive attitude towards learning.


HEALTH AND SAFETY- Children develop an awareness for personal health and safety practices as they apply to daily life.  Areas include personal hygiene, nutrition, and safety both at home and in school.


TECHNOLOGY – Children explore the parts of the computer and instructional software programs that will support and enrich their learning experiences.


SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – Children learn to make new friends, work and play cooperatively with other children, develop independence and self-confidence, and learn self-control and how to follow rules.


ART – Children work with basic shapes, line direction, and color identification.  They are encouraged to use symbols to convey ideas while taking part in drawing and painting activities.  Proficiency with using pencils, scissors, paste, and paints are encouraged.