Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten Overview

Carpet Time:  We gather together on the carpet to record information on the calendar, discuss the number of days in school, check the weather and plan our day. 

Reading:  This time is spent on phonemic awareness(letter/sound relationships, rhyming) sequencing and recognizing beginning,middle and end of stories.  We utilize the Readers Workshop model and the Harcourt Journeys series to teach language arts. Teachers read to children, sight words are introduced and children begin to learn strategies in order to read on their own. 

Writing:  Using the Kid Writing curriculum, children learn how to use what they know to start writing!  We encourage children to write stories with invented spelling and draw pictures to match the story.  Using this curriculum, we utilize the Writing Workshop model as children learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in writing.

Specials:  Children are exposed to Art, Music,Computers, Physical Education and the Media Center. 

Lunch Time:  Children eat their lunch together asa class in the cafeteria. 

Recess:  This time provides the students anopportunity to run, jump, climb, interact and use playground equipment. This time is supervised and will vary with the weather. 

Quiet Time:  Children relax after lunch.  This provides a transition from recess during which children learn how to relax and refocus.

Social Studies:  We use the Nystrom Social Studies Program.  Lessons center on self, holidays, family, community, current events and mapping. 

Mathematics:  Children use manipulatives in learning math in kindergarten.  We teach math using the Houghton Mifflin GoMath Series.  Concepts include counting to 100. Writing and identifying numerals from 0 to 30, positional words,recognizing shapes, patterns, etc.  These are just a few math skills that are taught in kindergarten. 

Science:  We teach science by utilizing hands on Foss Kits and integrating topics into the language arts program.   Children are also provided opportunities to manipulate science materials during CenterTime.  Topics include weather, seasons, animals, habitats, life cycles,and plants. 

Snack Time:  Please send in a healthy snack foryour child to enjoy

Center Time:  This is a very important part of the kindergarten curriculum.  Children choose between play opportunities in reading, writing, math, science, social studies,dramatic play and blocks.  This also provides an additional opportunity for children to learn to interact positively with others. 

Dismissal Preparations:  Students will discuss the day’s activities, secure any take-home projects and prepare personal items before departure.  Children are dismissed at a door to the outside of the school building and must have a friend, babysitter or family member there to pick them up.